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Litapur 2KM

Litapur 2KM is a matte polyurethane varnish based on polymer dispersion, polyols, curable with aliphatic isocyanate.

The water polyurethane varnish of Litapur 2 KM is made of high-quality European raw materials. This is an environmentally safe material, has a low percentage of volatile organic compounds (0.30-7.99%). The varnish is intended for use as a finishing coating in the construction of Litacryl®, to protect surfaces from various influences. Litapur 2 KM gives the surface a perfect haze, making the coating more attractive. The lack of tinting and transparency allows you to apply varnish on any colored, textured surface.

Elasticity is a property of polyurethane matt varnish Litapur 2 KM, which protects the surface from mechanical stress and shock loads. Self-leveling varnished floor becomes more resistant to scratches, abrasions, dents and chips after falling objects on the base. Polyurethane varnish protects self-leveling floors from the destructive effects of chemically active solutions and liquids, gasoline, oils and other petroleum products, increases resistance to temperature changes (from -50 °C to + 100 °C).

Properties of the material
  • Varnish type: water-based
  • Drying time: 6 hours
  • Colour: clear
  • Texture: smooth
  • Gloss degree: matt
  • Smel: odorless

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