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About us VMS-Techno

LLC VMS-Techno is a leading Belarusian manufacturer polymeric materials for the device self-leveling floors, repair and hardening of concrete bases.

For more than 8 years we have been helping our customers to get the best floors that meet the requirements: durability, durability, excellent appearance.

Why is it convenient to work with us?
  • we offer both materials and complex solutions;
  • we help to choose the optimal floor design, based on the operating conditions of the future coverage and your budget;
  • we consult on the technology of flooring;
  • we do, if necessary, test plots;
  • we produce any batch of materials in a short time.
Work with us reliably
  • we use only high quality raw materials from European manufacturers;
  • our materials are manufactured at the enterprise, whose quality system is certified according to the international system of standards ISO 9001-2015, with the quality policy can be found here;
  • products meet the safety requirements of TP 2009/013 / BY, STB 1496-2009;
  • materials pass annual tests in the largest republican laboratories.

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