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Fiber  Steel fibers of a wavy look with a length from 20 to 60 mm, intended for disperse reinforcing of concrete and creation of fibrobetonny designs.

Properties of the material
  • reduces the formation of cracks during the drying of concrete
  • increases the resistance of concrete to freezing and thawing
  • increases the impact strength of concrete
  • reduces abrasion of concrete
  • alternative to reinforcement using steel mesh
Scope of use:
- for concrete reinforcement
- to create fiber-concrete structures

Fiber consumption
Material consumption depends on the operational loads and conditions of application of fiber-reinforced concrete.
The approximate amount of fiber in the concrete mix for various designs:

СonsumptionConsumption (kg/m³)
Industrial floor20 - 50
In the construction of residential buildings30 - 50
Structures operated in an open area (street)40 - 120
Roads, tunnels50 - 110
Structures in contact with water (dams, bridges), defense structures120 - 240

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