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Self-leveling for parking Litakril® Business Center "Senator", Kiev

One of the priorities of the company VMS-Techno is the development of constructive systems for parking and parking with the use of polymeric materials series Litakril®. The implementation of such projects is beyond the geographical scope of Belarus. One example of a successful application experience is the self-leveling device in the Kiev business center, together with our partners from Ukraine, VS-BUILD.

The BC "Senator" is a 19-storey complex with a total area of ​​48,870 m2 with underground parking for 152 parking spaces. According to the classification of office space belongs to the category "A", therefore, the used finishing materials for such an object must meet a high level of quality.

"Сенатор" - бизнес-центр класса "А", Киев

According to the classification of office space, the business center is classified as "A", and therefore the finishing materials used for such an object must meet a high level of quality.

The most operationally loaded parking areas are the points of entry and exit, ramps. The coating for them should have a high degree of mechanical, abrasive wear resistance, low slip coefficient. Fuels and lubricants, gasoline, solutions of salt reagents, which are used in the winter period, have an aggressive effect on the surface, therefore chemical resistance and low absorption capacity are mandatory characteristics for such objects.

It is also important to note the property of the material that construction contractors should pay attention to when choosing materials for building self-leveling floors in parking lots - thixotropy, i.e. the ability to apply on inclined surfaces with the required layer thickness.

Покрытие наносилось на наклонные поверхности

For this object, VS-BUILD selected the design Litacryl SL 300. The liquid floor Litacryl SL 300 has a low abrasion (only 0.09 g / cm2) and a sufficient degree of anti-skid C11. The fire characteristics also meet the requirements for this category of objects: intrinsic safety, low flammability (G1) and low smoke-forming ability (D2).

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