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The coating of the bicycle-pedestrian bridge in Kazakhstan was performed with the materials Litacryl®

In June 2018, the VMS-Techno company successfully implemented a project with its Kazakh partners on the installation of Litakril® coverage on a bicycle-pedestrian bridge across the Yesil River in Astana.

Торжественное открытие моста с участием Президента Республики Казахстан

The opening ceremony with the participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev was held on July 2, 2018 and was timed to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Astana.

About the project

Мост соединяет два района Астаны

The bridge connects two districts of Astana: Samal and Central Park. Its length is 313.5 meters, and its width is 10.5 meters. Expansion up to 17.92 meters is provided in the field of observation platforms. The bridge smoothly connects with a descent in the form of an arc that goes around the Amphitheater. Smooth shapes, metal carved frame are both futuristic architectural styling and design solution: in conditions of strong wind load, streamlined shapes allow damping vibrations.

Вело-пешеходный мост через реку ЕсильОсетр - символ Атырауской области

Litacryl® coating for bicycle and pedestrian bridge

The main tasks that were assigned to the VMS-Techno in this project is the selection of the optimal type of coating that protects the metal from corrosive effects, has an attractive appearance after weathering and temperature drops, resistant to mechanical loads.Устройство покрытия Литакрил®

Зонирование пешеходной и велозоныThe design of polymeric materials of the Litacryl® series, proposed by a technical specialist of the company, consisted of a base layer and a finishing paint in several colors with marking applied - zoning of the pedestrian and bicycle parts.

The covering was arranged on the whole area of the bicycle-pedestrian bridge.

Покрытие Литакрил®
Polymeric materials used in the project: Litacryl MX and Litacryl FP.
Pfoto: Baurzhan Zhuasbayev

Photo: https://bnews.kz/en/news/kazakh_president_was_familiarized_with_new_bridge_in_astana

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